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Open Cluster Observing Program

Object Constellation R.A. Dec Magnitude Size AKA
IC 4665Ophiuchus17h 46m 41s+05° 42' 41"4.041.0'
IC 4756Serpens18h 39m 24s+05° 27' 21"5.052.0'
M103Cassiopeia01h 33m 40s+60° 44' 07"7.46.0'
NGC 752Andromeda01h 58m 14s+37° 43' 05"5.750.0'Golf Club & Ball
M45Taurus03h 47m 25s+24° 08' 25"1.6110.0'The Pleiades
NGC 1502Camelopardalis04h 08m 19s+62° 21' 12"5.78.0'Kemble's Cascade
NGC 1807Taurus05h 11m 07s+16° 32' 38"7.017.0'
NGC 1817Taurus05h 12m 31s+16° 42' 38"7.716.0'
NGC 2158Gemini06h 07m 56s+24° 06' 03"8.65.0'
M35Gemini06h 09m 20s+24° 20' 03"5.128.0'
NGC 2169Orion06h 08m 48s+13° 57' 02"5.97.0'37 Cluster
NGC 2232Monoceros06h 26m 57s-04° 45' 12"3.930.0'
NGC 2264Monoceros06h 41m 30s+09° 52' 41"3.960.0'Christmas Tree Cluster
NGC 2362Canis Major07h 19m 05s-24° 57' 49"4.18.0'N. Jewel Box Cluster
M93Puppis07h 44m 54s-23° 53' 06"6.222.0'
NGC 2451Puppis07h 45m 40s-37° 58' 45"2.845.0'
NGC 6124Scorpius16h 26m 09s-40° 41' 12"5.829.0'
NGC 6231Scorpius16h 54m 33s-41° 48' 53"2.615.0'Scorpius Jewel Box
M6Scorpius17h 40m 37s-32° 13' 21"4.215.0'Butterfly Cluster
M7Scorpius17h 54m 26s-34° 49' 12"3.380.0'Ptolemy's Cluster
NGC 6633Ophiuchus18h 28m 06s+06° 34' 13"4.627.0'
M11Scutum18h 51m 32s-06° 15' 32"5.814.0'Wild Duck Cluster
NGC 6811Cygnus19h 38m 27s+46° 34' 46"6.813.0'Hole-in-a-Cluster
NGC 6819Cygnus19h 41m 35s+40° 11' 48"7.35.0'Foxhead Cluster
NGC 7789Cassiopeia23h 57m 22s+56° 46' 13"6.716.0'

- Rules and Observing Info -

Technically, this isn’t really a rule… but let’s just say that: “Finding the objects on this observing list by star-hopping is enthusiastically encouraged!”
Observation Logging:
Record your observations with an observing form.
All that’s required is a simple log sheet with: Your name and location, the date of observation, a general idea of the weather conditions that night, the type of telescope used, the object name, the date and time you found it, and a description of what it looks like. Yes, that is a simple log sheet, because… no sketches necessary!
Which means you can stay up as late as you want hunting for clusters and not have to worry about drawing them, or dealing with time-consuming sketches “disappearing” from dew-soaked pages after a humid night (especially since many of these clusters are summer objects…)
Observing Forms:
Observing forms are available for download HERE.

Once you’ve completed the list, you can either turn in your observing forms, or scan them and send by e-mail to: