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Galaxy Observing Program

Constellation Galaxy # R.A. Dec Mag Size Description Common Name
AndromedaNGC 221 (M32)00h 42m 42s40° 52' 569.18.8' x 6.5''Round galaxy with bright core
NGC 224 (M31)00h 42m 42s41° 16' 083.5175' x 62''Very elongated galaxy, dusty with bright coreAndromeda Galaxy
NGC 89102h 22m 33.4s42° 2'1 031013.5' x 2.8''Fine edge-on spiral with faint dust lane
CamelopardalisNGC 2403*07h 36m 54s65° 36' 108.418.0' x 10.0''Spiral galaxy structure with bright knots
Canes VenaticiNGC 4258 (M106)12h 19m 00s47° 18' 318.312.0' x 4.0''Spiral galaxy structure with bright knots
NGC 449012h 30m 36s41° 38' 339.86.0' x 3.0''Spiral galaxy structure, attached companionCocoon Galaxy
CentaurusNGC 5128*13h 25m 30s43° 01' 00718.2' x 14.5''Round galaxy, dusty dark laneCentarius A
CepheusNGC 694620h 34m 48s60° 09' 158.99.0''Multi-arm spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsFireworks Galaxy
CetusNGC 1068 (M77)02h 42m 42s00° 01' 488.87.0''Round galaxy with bright core
Coma BerenicesNGC 456512h 36m 18s25° 59' 179.612.0' x 1.5''Edge-on galaxy with dusty laneNeedle Galaxy
CorvusNGC 403812h 01m 59s18° 52' 0210.511.2' x 5.9''Round galaxy, bright middleAntennae Galaxy
NGC 403912h 01m 54s18° 53' 2910.39.8' x 4.5''Large faint galaxyAntennae Galaxy
DracoNGC 4236*12h 16m 42s69° 27' 479.722.5' x 6.2''Very elongated galaxy, dusty with bright core
NGC 590715h 15m 53.9s56° 19' 3810.312.3' x 1.8''Edge-on galaxy, extremely elongatedSplinter Galaxy
EridanusNGC 123203h 09m 48s20° 34' 529.98.5' x 7.5''Face-on spiral galaxy structure with companion galaxy
FornaxNGC 1097*02h 46m 18s30° 16' 219.38.0' x 7.0''Very elongated galaxy with close companion
NGC 136503h 33m 36s36° 08' 169.511.2' x 6.2''Barred spiral galaxy structureGreat Barred Spiral
LeoNGC 290309h 32m 12s21° 29' 588.913.0' x 5.0''Elongated galaxy with dusty lanes
NGC 3351 (M95)10h 44m 00s11° 42' 149.77.0' x 4.0''Barred spiral galaxy structure
NGC 3627 (M66)11h 20m 12s12° 59' 0097.6' x 3.3''Spiral galaxy structure
PegasusNGC 733122h 37m 06s34° 25' 009.510.0' x 3.0''Very elongated galaxy, dusty lanes, bright core
PiscesNGC 628 (M74)01h 36m 42s15° 47' 009.211.0' x 9.0''Face-on spiral galaxy structure
SagittariusNGC 6822*19h 44m 54s14° 48' 11910.0''Oval galaxy, low surface brightness with knotsBarnards Galaxy
SculptorNGC 25300h 47m 36s25° 17' 207.125.0' x 5.0''Very elongated barred galaxy with dust lanes and bright knots
SextansNGC 311510h 05m 12s07° 43' 059.27.2' x 2.4''Edge-on galaxy with bright coreSpindle Galaxy
TriangulumNGC 598 (M33)01h 33m 54s30° 39' 375.764.0' x 35.0''Spiral galaxy with bright knotsTriangulum Galaxy
Ursa MajorNGC 3034 (M82)09h 55m 48s69° 40' 578.48.4' x 3.4''Very elongated galaxy, dust and bright knotsChaotic Galaxy
NGC 5457 (M101)14h 03m 12s54° 20' 557.740.0''Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsPinwheel Galaxy
VirgoNGC 4569 (M90)12h 36m 48s13° 09' 489.511.0' x 3.0''Very elongated galaxy with bright core
NGC 4594 (M104)12h 40m 00s11° 37' 348.38.0' x 5.0''Edge-on galaxy with dark laneSombrero Galaxy

Bold face with asterisks are challenge objects.

Observe 20 out of 30 galaxies with one challenge object.