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FBAC Volunteer T-Shirt Program

4th year of the FBAC VOLUNTEER T-Shirt Program from 9/1/13 to 8/31/14

The FBAC VOLUNTEER T-Shirt Program continues to be a real success, in its 3rd year a total of 81 T-Shirts were earned by club members. FBAC members attending the 14 AOW events, which had over 3620 students, teachers and parents attend, earned a total of 32 T-Shirts. And 62 different FBAC members volunteering out at the George Observatory volunteered an astounding 2106 hours, earning a total of 49 T-Shirts.

To help reward club members for their volunteering and to foster "team" spirit, as well as to promote our club the FBAC VOLUNTEER T-Shirts can only be earned (they are not available for purchase).

The FBAC VOLUNTEER T-Shirts are earned based on the following:

To earn a VOLUNTEER T-Shirt each FBAC calendar year starting September 1, of the current year an FBAC club member would have to pay the appropriate club dues (individual, family, etc.) and then would have to do the following:

Thanks to all members for their considerable volunteer efforts!

Tony Wiese