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East Dome Committee Charter

Fort Bend Astronomy Club East Dome Committee herein referred to as EDC.
Mission Statement
To maintain the East Dome and club owned equipment contained therein, train prospective users in the safe operation of club owned equipment, and to review operations for improvements.
Vision Statement
To maintain the East Dome and club owned equipment in a way that ensures it�s maximum design life and to maximize that equipments availability and benefit to club members and ensure that club members are adequately trained in the safe operation of the East Dome and club owned equipment.
The East Dome Committee shall be responsible for maintenance of club owned equipment and training of members who wish to use that equipment. Expenditures shall require the approval of the current board of directors. All major expenses for the observatory dome will be paid by it's owner, the George Observatory.
The Fort Bend Astronomy Club Board of Directors
The current active slate of EDC members are Joe Dellinger, Bill Dillon, Don Jarvis, Dan Beaver, and Dennis Borgman
Success Indicators
Equipment is maintained is a way that maximizes availability and benefit to club members. ED operators are trained in a way that results in minimum problems.
Major Work Tasks
  • Maintenance of club owned equipment.
  • Training of club members on ED and equipment use.
  • Regular review of logs to determine problems.
Operational Plan and committee goals
  • Define the committee�s responsibilities.
  • Develop a training plan with sufficient testing to ensure the dome and equipment is used in a consistent and safe manner.
  • Make EDC reports to the club at monthly meetings.
  • Meet on a regular basis to keep projects active and completed in a timely manner.
  • Develop equipment use guidelines.
Committee Monitoring
Monthly reports at normal club meetings.
Council Authorization
FBAC Board of Directors