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Guidelines for the use of club equipment located in the East Dome of the George Observatory

Developed by the East Dome Committee mm/dd/yyyy
Approved by the FBAC Board of Directors mm/dd/yyyy

Document Synopsis:
This document details safe usage guidelines and procedures for equipment in the George Observatory East Dome that is owned by the Fort Bend Astronomy Club.
The Fort Bend Astronomy Club has acquired numerous telescopes and accessories for use by the general membership. All equipment detailed herein, was either purchased with club funds or donated to the club. Use is restricted to members of 60 days or longer that are in good standing with the club. Further, use is restricted to those members who have been properly trained in the equipments safe setup and use. Training for club owned equipment is provided by appointed members. If you desire to use a piece of club owned equipment, a trainer will be appointed to guide you through it's safe care and use.
East Dome Equipment Inventory:
  1. 18" f/4.5 Newtonian telescope on equatorial fork mount.
  2. AIM Controls Quadrant 1 drive system.
  3. RoboFocus donated by Len Casady in 2002.
  4. Santa Barbara Instruments ST7 CCD camera.
  5. AIM Controls Quadrant 4 drive system.
General Equipment Guidelines:
  1. Do not attempt to repair a failed piece of equipment unless the East Dome Committee has approved you to do so.
  2. Accidents happen. If something fails or is broken while in your use, report it honestly. FBAC does not hold an individual responsible for accidents. Repeated "accidents" by any individual may however, result in their club equipment use privilege being forfeited.
  3. Report failed equipment promptly, so that repairs may be handled in a timely manner.
  4. Handle and use club equipment as if it were your own.
  5. If you are having trouble with a particular piece of equipment, please contact one of the club members on the contact list posted in the East Dome for assistance. Often, an experienced member can talk you through a problem and therefore save your evening of observing.
East Dome:
  1. Do not leave the dome unattended without securing the door. This should be adhered to at all times whether observatory guests are present or not. Guests in Brazos Bend State Park appear unexpectedly and often invite themselves into a dome or play with equipment left unattended.
  2. If you are scheduled to use the dome on a public night at the observatory, you are expected to open the dome and provide observation for the observatory guests. These evenings are usually on Friday and Saturday, but are occasionally scheduled on other days throughout the week.
  3. At the end of your observing session:
    1. All equipment must be unplugged and properly stored.
    2. The dome shutter must be closed.
    3. The dome doors must be properly secured.
    4. The dome keys must be returned to the lock box.
  4. The East Dome is reserved through an e-mail to the FBAC Netslyder.
  5. The code to the lock box is released only after you have been properly trained and have passed a simple test of your competency with operating procedures.
Specific equipment guidelines
(To be determined)