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East Dome at the George Observatory

The George Observatory is located in Brazos Bend State Park and is owned and operated by the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There are three domes - the East dome, Ressearch Dome, and West Dome - housed with with 18", 36", and 14” telescopes, respectively. FBAC owns the 18” telescope housed in the East Dome. Every Saturday evening is open to the public who pre-purchase tickets online at

If you are a first time volunteer and you'd like to help in the East Dome, you have to become a George Volunteer FIRST!. Email Tracy Knauss or Hannah Lange, and sign up on SignUpGenius as a "guest". Once at the George Observatory, your first task is locate Hannah or Tracy. They are in charge of the Observatory and there is mandatory paperwork that needs to be filled out. For the time being you will have to sign in (the time you got there) and sign out when you leave on paper. You will have to undergo a background check. There are no exceptions to this. Once you are in the system and you have spent a few hours at the George (~20hrs), you'll be given a "George Observatory" photo HMNS badge of the current year. You will also be able to sign in and sign out via the volunteers computer based on your phone number. One of the "perks" of volunteering at the George is that once you have the badge you can get free admission into HMNS Main (Hermann Park), and HMNS Sugarland.

The East Dome, as well as the others a minimum of three (2-3) volunteers - A trained and certified telescope operator, a trainee/trained telescope operator and one or more volunteers to discuss what is being viewed in the domes, discuss astronomy, and staff the door and answer questions. Contact Lee Higgins and/or Liz Prochnow (East Dome Committee Co-Chairs) as they can help coordinate getting you registered as a George Volunteer.

Signing up on the George Observatory SignUpGenius is strongly recommended as is the East Dome SignUpGenius

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East Dome Upgrades and Remodel

18" Telescope before the East Dome

Telescope before mounting in East Dome