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Double Star Observing Program

Difficulty Name Common Name Magnitudes Separation P.A. R.A. Dec Sky Atlas 2000
Chart No.
1Gamma Leporis3.6 6.397"35005h 44.5m-22 27'19
261 CygniBessel's Star5.4 6.131"15021h 06.9'+38 45'9
3Beta CygniAlbireo3.1 5.134"5419h 30.7m+27 58'8
4Alpha Canum VenaticorumCor Caroli2.9 5.519"22912h 56m+38 19.0'7
5Zeta Ursae MajorisMizar2.3 4.014.6"15313h 24m+54 55.5'7
6Delta Cephei3.5-4.4 6.141"19122h 29.2m+58 25'3
7h 39455.0 5.827"5207h 16.6m-23 19'19
8Kappa Herculis5.1 6.227.4"1316h 08.1m+17 03'8
9Iota Librae4.5 9.458"11115h 12.2m-19 47'21
10Struve 28405.5 6.618"19621h 52.0m+55 48'3
11Struve 28416.4 7.922"11021h 54.3m+19 43'17
12Gamma AndromedaeAlmach2.3 5.110"6302h 03.9m+42 20'4
13Eta Persei3.8 8.528"30102h 50.7m+55 54'1
14Gamma Delphini4.3 5.59.6"26820h 46.7'+16 07'16
15Omicron Ophiuchi5.2 6.610.4"35517h 18.0m-24 17'22
16Gamma ArietisMesartim4.5 4.67.4"101h 53.5m+19 18'4
17H N 846.5 8.928"30219h 39.4m+16d 34'16
1895 Herculis4.8 5.26.3"25718h 01.5m+21 36'8
1994 Aquarii5.3 7.313"35023h 19.1m-13 28'17
20Struve 30535.9 7.315"7000h 02.6m+66 06'1
21Eta Cassiopeiae3.6 7.513"31900h 49.1m+57 49'1
2256 Herculis6.1 10.618"9316h 55.0m+25 44'8
23Otto Struve 3006.4 9.515"26115h 40.2m+12 03'15
2432 Eridani4.8 5.96.9"34903h 54.3m-02 57'10
25Alpha HerculisRasalgethi3.5 5.44.8"10417h 14.6m+14 23'15

Rules for double star observing program

While this is intended to be a novice program, all FBAC members are invited to participate.

No Go-To and no digital setting circles. Analog setting circles may be used.

Record your observations on a log sheet. Acceptable log sheets should include the following: Object, Date, Time, Instrument used, magnification, an estimate of seeing, and a simple sketch of the star system. The sketch should indicate North and either East or West.

Submit your completed list of observations for verification.

An FBAC Double Star Award certificate will be awarded for successful completion of the program.