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2011 Donations

Below is a photo log of some of the items donated to FBAC. Photos are used wherever possible to document the active use of the items that are donated. FBAC greatly appreciates all donations, and tries to show that the donations are put to good use. Should you or your company be interested in making a donation to FBAC, please contact the Donations and Grant Coordinator, Tony Wiese at

August 2011 - Wes Whiddon donated a 4-inch Orion refractor for the East Dome

NOTE: Then the balance of the funds leftover from the ED mirror re-coating donation (Dec 2010) were used to purchase a new 2-speed focuser with lock (for photography) for this 4-inch refractor.

4" Orion refractor 2-speed focuser

February 2011  - Charles Konon donated two computers

The first computer Charles donated is a new refurbished XP based unit for the adding an Image Computer to the East Dome (ED). The second computer he donated is a new refurbished XP based laptop for use as a backup for either the ED Control Computer or the ED Image Computer. Charles Konon and Corie Rowe also installed, converted and configured both the new ED Control Computer, as well as the new ED Image Computer

Image computer