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2010 Donations

Below is a photo log of some of the items donated to FBAC. Photos are used wherever possible to document the active use of the items that are donated. FBAC greatly appreciates all donations, and tries to show that the donations are put to good use. Should you or your company be interested in making a donation to FBAC, please contact the Donations and Grant Coordinator, Tony Wiese at

6.23.10 WALMART corporate provides $500 donation to FBAC for 2010

Walmart donation presentation

WALMART corporate has generously donated $500 to purchase another large monitor for the FBAC Image Computer in the Research Dome (RD) at the George Observatory. Even though the donation was from WALMART corporate, it is administered through the local store at Westheimer and Kirkwood on the west side of Houston. Any funds left over will be put toward acquiring Image Computers for the East and the West Domes.

The FBAC Image Computer is currently set up for dual monitors; it has a large dedicated 25-inch high definition (HD) monitor, and we temporarily borrowed a 19-inch HD monitor from the East Dome, which will be returned when we purchase another large monitor with the donated funds from WALMART.

Our goal with the Image Computer is to show photos of what we are viewing in the telescope so that people have an idea of what they are looking at. This also gives us an opportunity to educate the public on the various features of the objects we are viewing.

Since the FBAC Image Computer in the RD is the first - we will be using it as the template for the other two Image Computers we anticipate putting in the East and West Domes when we are able to acquire the necessary equipment.

The WALMART 2010 donation will definitely help our club member volunteers in their presentation to and education of the public when they visit the George Observatory.

December 2010 - Fort Bend Astronomy Club Members donated $800 to refinish the mirrors in the club's 18-inch diameter telescope (18-inch primary mirror and 4 1/2-inch secondary mirror) located in the East Dome.

December 2010 - Sam's Club Foundation - $250 - obtained by Tony Wiese
This Sam's Club donation was used for two (2) full motion mounts for the East Dome computer monitors as well as a new refurbish XP based East Dome Control Computer.

Remodeled East Dome monitors

November & December 2010 Fort Bend Astronomy Club Members Paul Noll, Tony Wiese, Jim Jackson, Stephen Walker, and Tracy Knauss donated literally hundreds of hours to gut, upgrade and completely redo the inside of the East Dome. Many other FBAC members also helped with the remodeling.

June 2010 - Walmart Foundation - $500 - obtained by Tony Wiese
This Walmart donation was used for a 27-inch high definition computer monitor for the Research Dome Image Computer to go along with the existing 25-inch high definition monitor as part of a dual monitor set-up.

The balance of the Walmart donation was used for the new mounting plate, and telescope rings to mount the new 4-inch refractor piggybacked on the 18-inch scope in the East Dome.

Orion 4" in East Dome Orion 4" in East Dome