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Club Observing

FBAC members regularly meet during scheduled events at the George Observatory or other locations for observing and mentorship. Stay tuned to the club's email list as to where these events are held.

A large part of club observing and outreach is done at the George Observatory using the 18 inch reflector in the east dome. This telescope is operated by FBAC and is used for public viewing on Saturday nights and special occasions. Club members that are trained and certified to use this scope can schedule personal use on a night when no public viewing is done.

In addition, we believe that there also is substantial value in small-group viewing and imaging events that are hosted by club members at their homes and attended by other members who are in easy driving distance of the event.  For more information and if you are interested in hosting such an event, please contact Lee Higgins or Todd Dunnavant .

A snapshot of the location of the George Observatory within Brazos Bend State Park is shown below.