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Past Speakers

Month Year Speaker Affiliation Title
January2018Dr. Matthew BaringRice UniversityThe Buzz and the Bang of Neutron Stars
December2017No Meeting
November2017Jason NishiyamaRoyal Astronomical Society of CanadaPlanetary Nebula Morphology, Ellipses and Butterflies
October2017MembershipFBACMore Eclipse experiences from the membership
September2017MembershipFBACEclipse experiences from the membership
August2017No Meeting2017 eclipse
July2017Justin McCollumFBACIn Search of Hypernovae
June2017Dr. Lisa WhiteheadUniversity of HoustonWhat We've Learned About Neutrinos
May2017Dr. C. Renee JamesSam Houston State University50 Years of Pulsars: How a Bit of Scruff Changed the Astronomical Game
April2017Observing MeetingObserving meeting at HCC
March2017Dr. Huarte-EspinosaUniversity of HoustonStudying shining nebulae with supercomputers and laboratory experiments
February2017Dr. Aaron ClevensonNHAC/InsperityRadio Astronomy at Home
January2017Jeff LeppFBACImage Post Processing with PixInsight
December2016No MeetingHoliday Party
November2016James WootenFBAC/HMNSThe Eclipse of 2017
October2016Observing Meeting FBACObserving meeting at HCC
September2016Brad ThomasFBACCoordinate Concepts and Programming for Telescopes
August2016Jeff LeppFBACImage Calibration, Registration (Alignment), and Stacking (Integration)
July2016Scott Mitchell and Amelia GoldbergFBACFrom eyepiece to imagination - astronomical art
June2016Jeff Lepp and Richard SchmidtFBACEquatorial Platform - Tracking for your Dob
May2016Don CooperSaturn V Guidance System 1962-1978
April2016Observing MeetingFBAC/HMNSObserving Meeting at HCC
March2016Steve ClayworthFBAC Abberant Astronomical Behavior
February2016Bill SpizzirriFBAC/HMNSNucleosynthesis
January2016Don CooperSaturn V Guidance Systems - easy version
December2015No MeetingHoliday Party
November2015Leonard FergusonFBACOSIRIS-REx mission to Bennu
October2015Observing Meeting FBACObserving meeting at HCC
September2015Bill SpizzirriFBACPalomar Observatory & Comet Hunters Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker and David Levy
August2015Wes WhiddonFBACHistory of FBAC
July2015Peggy HalfodHMNSThe 4 year effort to recoat the 36" mirror
June2015Debbie Moran HASTotal Eclipse! The Thrill of the Chase
May2015Daniel McDonaldFBAC22 Year Sunspot Cycle
April2015Steve ClayworthFBACNEOWISE - Near Earth Objects
March2015Leonard FergusonFBACMission to Bennu - Osirus Rex - Asteroid Sample Return.
February2015Joe DellingerFBACAsteroid hunting in the East Dome - 10+ Years of Chasing Asteroids
January2015Bill SpizzirriFBACSteward Observatory Mirror Lab at the University of Arizona
December2014No MeetingHoliday Party
November2014Annie WargetzFBACOrion - The Journey to Deep Space
October2014Jeff LeppFBACA beginner's set up for deep sky astrophotography
September2014Dr. Aaron ClevensonNHAC/InsperitySupernova M82/SN2014J
August2014Madhan R. TirumalaiUniversity of HoustonAstrobiology
June2014Daniel McDonaldFBACGravitational Waves and Inflation
May2014Annie WargetzFBACSTEREO Satellites – Solar TErrestrial RElations Obsesrvatorie
April2014Paul MaleyJSCASEclipses of Stars by Asteroids - or - How to Map an Asteroid for $700
March2014James WesselJSCASNASA’s Solar and Lunar observing missions
December2013No MeetingHoliday Party
May2013Ramkumar BalasubramanianRice UniversitySun-Earth & Space Weather
December2012No MeetingHoliday
October2012No MeetingAll-Clubs Meeting/Astronomy Day
August2012David HavilandFBACA History of Barringer Meteor Crater and Other Impact Adventures
March2012Justin McCollumFBACGliese 1214b: A Personal Study of a Strange Water World
February2012Steve Clayworth and Jim JacksonFBACJourney to Palomar
January2012Stephen WalkerFBACReport on initial refurbishment attmepts of 36" mirror at the George
December2011No MeetingHoliday Party
November2011Steve ClayworthFBACVideo of Disney early science programs circa 1956 (pre-sputnik) about the moon and travel to the moon
October2011No meetingAll-Clubs Meeting/Astronomy Day
September2011Nathaniel WhiteheadFBACScience and Philosophy of Astronomy
June2011Justin McCollumFBACThe Spring Constellations on the Summer Solstice!
May2011Tony Wiese and Stephanie WalkerFBACEast Dome Remodel
April2011Nathaniel WhiteheadFBACThe reoccurring nova in Pixis and on the Decadal Survey
February2011Dr. Aaron ClevensonNHAC/InsperityThe Astronomer Tycho Brahe