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About FBAC

The Fort Bend Astronomy Club was formed in the fall of 1984 by a group of amateur astronomers in the city of Stafford, Texas. In 1985, FBAC merged with the Southwest Astronomy Club and continued developing it's goal of serving people in the community who love astronomy. Club members have highly diverse interests: CCD and film astrophotography, deep sky observing, minor planet and supernova search are among the areas of astronomy in which club members participate. Members own and use telescopes from the smallest refractors to giant trailer transported reflectors. Many of us enjoy only a pair of binoculars or just our eyes to view the spectacle of the night sky.

FBAC supports and helps manage the George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park, 30 miles southwest of Houston. We own and operate an 18" fork mounted reflecting telescope in one of the three domes and club members also serve as volunteers, operating the 36" and 14" telescopes in the two other domes. Public nights, ordinarily on Saturday, gives us a chance to help educate people in the science of astronomy.Other projects we are active in include FBAC's own Astronomy On Wheels which goes to area schools, The Texas Star Party, and Astronomy Day, club sponsored camping/observing trips, and light pollution reduction in Fort Bend County and the Houston area.

FBAC holds a monthly club meeting, usually on the third Friday of the month at 7:00 PM, in Stafford, Texas at the Houston Community College Southwest Campus. Please see the Club Meetings page for more information.

Membership in FBAC is open to anyone. There is no requirement other than an interest in astronomy and love of the night sky. Dues are $30.00 per year for Regular Members and $5.00 each for Associate (family) Members. Membership for college students is $10.00 annually. New members can apply and pay their dues via Online Form, or pay by Personal Check, Money Order or Cashier's Check. After reviewing the FBAC By-laws, FBAC Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy, apply by Online Form, or Click Here to download a membership form. New members are always welcome, come and join us.

Our mailing address is:
Fort Bend Astronomy Club
P.O. Box 942
Stafford, Texas 77497

Elected officers 2016 - 2017

Office Person Email

Appointed officers 2016 - 2017

Office Person Email
Astronomy On Wheels TeamKeith
Astronomy On Wheels TeamSusan
Astronomy On Wheels TeamJo
Donations and Grant CoordinatorBarb
East Dome Committee Co-ChairTracy
East Dome Committee Co-ChairJeffrey
Past Elected PresidentLeonard
FBAC WebmasterDon


Committees and Programs

Astronomy On Wheels

"AOW" is an education program designed to bring the astronomy education experience to area schools.

Please contact Keith Montz. With additional support provided by Jo Sutter and Susan Sailing

East Dome Committee

Oversees operation and maintenance of the East Dome at the George Observatory at Brazos Bend State Park

For inquiries relating to East Dome operations, please contact Tracy Knauss or Jeffery Lepp

Donations and Grants

Coordination for companies interested in helping support the club's astronomy community science education and outreach programs, volunteering at the George Observatory, and the Club's AOW program.

Please contact Tony Wiese

Main Speaker Program

Coordinates interested parties as a featured speaker at the monthly meeting.

Please contact Brad Thomas

Novice Speaker Program

Coordinates interested parties as a novice speaker at the monthly meeting.

Please contact Brad Thomas

Loaner Telescope Program

Program that allows FBAC members in good standing to borrow a club telescope.

Please contact Stephen Walker

FBAC Website

Questions, comments or to report technical issues or broken links, please contact Don Morris

How to Join the FBAC Email List (List Server)

The FBAC list server is open to all members who may be interested in maintaining routine contact with other members. It is the club's primary method of communication. It is used to notify members of FBAC meetings and other activities, and to communicate about our common interest in astronomy and space sciences.

Please observe the following guidelines when using Astrolist:

The "FBAC" list provides updates and general discussions about club activities, astronomy news, and other topics. Feel free to post astronomy, science, weather, club membership, or other questions or comments you may have to the "FBAC" email list.

The "George Volunteers" list will provide you with current updates on volunteering opportunities at the George Observatory. If you have questions about volunteering at the George Observatory, or if you would like to fill an open volunteer position, please respond to the "George Volunteers" email list.

Astrolist access is not granted automatically after contacting us with your initial email. We will activate your access to Astrolist within 48 hours.

To join the FBAC Astrolist you must make yourself known by coming to a club meeting, an outreach event (such as AOW) or coming to the George Observatory. NO anonymous requests to be added to the club’s Astrolist will be honored. The same requirement is in place for the "George Volunteers" Astrolist.

How To Unsubscribe From The FBAC List Server or the George Volunteers List Server

To unsubscribe, send a message using the email address you wish to unsubscribe, to or In the message body:"unsubscribe FBAC or Unsubscribe George Volunteers (or unsubscribe to both)

Any problems with the list server can be reported to Steve Goldberg or David Haviland